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Roll Tray

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Your set consists of 4 rolling papers and 2 tip booklets. Together with a unique upcycled rolling tray you have a unique and sustainable gift - for yourself or someone else!

Greengo Papers
Greengo's king size rolling papers are made of high quality unbleached rolling paper. This gives the rolling paper the characteristic brown color. Greengo rolling papers are made from recycled paper with the FSC quality mark. In addition, no bleaching agents such as chlorine have been used to whiten the paper. Better for the environment and better for yourself.

Greengo Filter Tips
No bleach or chemicals were used to make these tips. This is more environmentally friendly and therefore the paper has a brown color. Each tip booklet contains 50 filter tips of 140 grams paper.

Greengo Rolling Tray
The Greengo Rolling Tray is a unique tray, made from used plastic containers. These trays are collected from various shops in the Netherlands and transformed into a one-of-a-kind rolling tray. You can still see the green and brown product leftovers! There are no two identical Rolling Trays, so you are assured of a unique product.

  • unique design

  • recycled product containers

  • Dimensions:20 x 10 cm

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