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Oral B Charcoal Brush Heads | 4 Pieces | Adults

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Brush your teeth sustainably, with the Green-goose Activated Charcoal Brush Heads. Suitable for all regular Oral B electric toothbrushes.


Active Charcoal
Charcoal is a raw material that is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it effectively remove tannins, it also acts as a scrub on your teeth. In this way, deposits are broken down and your teeth are naturally whiter. Our brush heads have hairs that have been processed with charcoal, so that you keep your teeth beautifully white in a natural, effective and healthy way. The charcoal hairs also provide fresher breath. Charcoal adsorbs liquids and gases, neutralizes odors and kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. To give the charcoal of our brush extra power, you could use our brush in combination with the active charcoal toothpaste tablets with mint flavor.


Durable POM material
The brush heads are made of the durable material Polyoxymethylene (POM). Made primarily in Japan, POM was recently named an environmentally friendly green material by CATARC, in recognition of its exceptionally low emissions level.


Save the environment - and your wallet!
Due to the antimicrobial effect of charcoal, the bristles remain hygienic for longer than the bristles of regular brush heads. This means you don't have to replace your brushes as often. We recommend replacing your brush head after about a month. Three packs of green-goose Active Charcoal Brush heads are therefore sufficient for a whole year. Count out your winnings!


All advantages at a glance:


  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Effective against cavities and bacteria
  • Naturally whiter teeth
  • A fresh breath
  • More affordable than other brush heads, due to longer lifespan
  • Fits your Oral-B toothbrush with a round brush head (except Oral-B sonic)
  • The first charcoal infused electric brush head in the Netherlands
  • Good to combine with charcoal toothpaste and charcoal powder from green-goose


green goose
green-goose is an initiative to facilitate the start of your eco-conscious journey. We are a building block in the foundation of the green future.

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