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Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste

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Toothpaste with activated charcoal (Activated Charcoal) from the bark of bamboo plant

The activated charcoal (Activated Charcoal) attracts impurities and whitens and polishes your teeth in a 100% natural way. So you put an end to plaque, stains and superficial discolorations caused by wine, coffee, tea or tobacco, among other things, in complete safety.

  • This toothpaste is 100% safe and natural
  • Not only helps for whiter teeth, but also gives fresh breath.

How does activated charcoal work in toothpaste?
Activated charcoal or activated carbon is a product that is gratefully used within the cosmetic industry. This is based on a very simple physical phenomenon. The carbon atoms that are incorporated in the toothpaste - but also, for example, in various cleansing facial creams - exert a great attraction on other molecules. The strength of that attraction is determined by several factors, including the shape and mass of the molecules that come into contact with it. Because not all molecules are equally attracted and absorbed, it is possible to remove specific unwanted substances. For example, activated carbon is also used to purify groundwater and in cigarette filters. When it is used in toothpaste, it attracts the dirt particles that cause deposits and stains on the teeth.

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