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Reusable Cotton Pads Cotton | 6 Pieces | Grey/White

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The XL reusable 3-layer cotton pads from green-goose are made of sustainable (certified) bamboo organic cotton, which can be washed again and again. So you never have to buy cotton pads again!

Start your minimal waste lifestyle today. The reusable cotton pads are a perfect start. An environmentally friendly alternative to your regular make-up remover pads. The pads are extra large (10 cm in diameter) and super soft. This makes them ideal for daily use and also great for removing nail polish, for example.

The large XL pad is a lot bigger than a normal cotton pad (10 cm) and thanks to its ultimate softness you will love to clean your face after a long day / night. Easily use your pads in the shower; make-up remover is unnecessary - a little water is sufficient. With the ultra soft reusable organic cotton XL pads you do yourself, your wallet and nature a favor!
After cleansing your face, rinse the pad with warm water and hang it to dry. After a few days of use, simply wash them in the washing machine at 40-60 degrees (not in the dryer!). Even after washing, your latest purchase will remain wonderfully soft.


  • Diameter Pads: 10 cm
  • 3-ply Bamboo and Organic Cotton
  • Gentle and effective
  • Easy to wash


The washable make-up remover pads are wonderfully soft. They don't lose their softness even after several washes!

Your benefits:


  • Minimal Waste, because you can use the same pad again and again
  • Advantageous: Your cotton pads will last for years
  • Larger size (10cm) than regular cotton pads


Organic cotton
Organic cotton is almost the same as regular cotton. The difference Organic cotton is grown without the use of agricultural poisons as pesticides..
Cotton is an agricultural product. To ensure that the cotton plants are not affected by insects, the cotton plant is heavily sprayed with all kinds of bad chemical pesticides. Not good for the cotton crop, the environment, the cotton farmers and the local population. The chemicals are increasingly depleting the soil and polluting the groundwater and the air. This makes cotton the most polluting agricultural product in the world.
Most chemical pesticides are used in cotton cultivation. About 16% of the pesticides for only 2.5% of the total agricultural surface. That is why it is important that we draw more and more attention to organic cotton.

GOTS certified
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international quality mark that sets requirements for both the production of the fibers and their further weathering into garments. At least 70 percent (identified by the text Made with organic) or at least 95 percent (identified by the text Organic) of the product must consist of organically produced materials.

green goose
green-goose is an initiative to facilitate the start of your eco-conscious journey. We are a building block in the foundation of the green future.

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